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Technology is a Mandatory part of us in this era. It’s made connecting and accessing data speedy and easy but did you know it can also help us develop our Cognitive skills?

“Brain training,” softwares engages our neurons and strengthens them to make us sharper and smarter. They make learning much more interesting and addictive. 

Cell phones are the best way to play these kind of games –  sessions are usually short and can be played anytime and anywhere.

They also don’t need any special added devices. Staring at your screen is something you do anyway, why not do something with that screen that can make you sharper?

1. Fit Brains Trainer

This brain training app has 10 different games that cover all different areas of the brain and boost memory as well as concentration. Finish a particular task from each category (any that you fancy) on a daily basis and the app keeps check of the progress by a colored graph.

2. Eidetic

Eidetic is good for boosting your memory. It uses spacing and repetition smartly to help users memorize information much feasibly. 

It helps memorizing basic but important things like phone numbers, tough words, credit and or debit card details and other band details or passwords. It also notifies you to take a test to see what you remember, so that the information is stored in your long-term memory.

3. Braingle

Braingle aids in keeping your brains alert and speeds up the reasoning ability of the user through optical illusions and riddles.

 It’s a tad bit different from other brain training apps and doesn’t follow the old methods. You can also play with friends and family and challenge them to solve riddles.

4. Not The Hole Story

Love Riddles? Love a challenge?  Then, this app is going to be your next favourite one! 

Filled with an assorted set of riddles, and easy to play with userface, this app gives you riddles that are to be solved through a virtual book. 

They give hints, the answers are revealed gradually at the moment you give up. 

This app will encourage you to expand your thinking and test your mind’s capacity.

5. Charge Your Brain HD

It has 13 levels of mini-games that focus on training different parts of your brains and working on all parts of your memory.

Different levels of Easy, Normal, or Hard are made available. It claims to boost your brain function regardless of any age!

So the next time you feel like killing time, we suggest you go and download one of these precious gems !

Here at Mount Litera, we make learning fun in an innovative way!



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