Hygienic canteen can help the healthy growth of your kids?


Kids of this age have more options to eat than we ever did, they would eat anything that looks and tastes good. But does what they eat contain any nutrition?

Why does nutritious food have to be boring anyway? Everyone is so focused on eating healthy these days, that they forget whether the kid even wants to eat that food.

When your food is freshly made and put in clean hygienic vessels for serving, 56  percent of the child’s health is boosted automatically.

A healthy bowl of canteen food can be as effective as any other invention of the modern world to take care of your kids’ health and mental disposition towards life.

And that can be achieved only if the child finds the food appealing i.e. if the food looks and smells good which later leads to tasting it and liking it.

In a recent survey, it was revealed that almost 40% of the school going children have suffered from one or another form of food poisoning. If you look at the numbers, you would see that 40 percent of today’s children are obese or overweight. This means they have higher chances of getting diabetes and hypertension in their adult lives than others who are not overweight.

A healthy nutritious food replaces their usual daily food habits. Your child would meet most of their nutrition needs and save themselves from ailments and diseases with an impressive immunity.

What a canteen does is that it crawls into the world of the child, and changes how they see themselves. And that’s good.

Cafeteria culture, in this sense, acts like a window to the outside world. It’s as if it sets the mood for your child to have a good day at school.

So a clean one would appeal to them and encourage them to eat more from there. Their friends would also join in and a great experience could be enjoyed.

In addition, this will make them happy while eating their food as they do not have to worry about stomach aches or diarrhea while enjoying school food.

Be it Sports, Studies, Extra Curriculars, your child will be more agile and alert to perform in the best way possible.

We believe and practice that same belief here at Mount Litera Zee School. Promoting Good Health in a child for a Brighter Future.

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