Pre-primary (Nur/LKG/UKG)

Pre-primary (Nur/LKG/UKG)

Our Pre-Primary Wing comprises Nursery, Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG) classes.
Serving as a foundation for lasting learning, a child’s early experiences help mold the perception and outlook they have towards their life and substantially impacts their way of learning and behavior.

Our methods attempt to give a memorable experience to the students within their range of understanding and experiences while we help them comprehend what they are good at, what they enjoy doing and what makes them feel better about oneself. This approach works towards shaping a wholesome, healthy individuality and preparing them for primary school.

  • We follow a Learn With Fun philosophy.
  • Our teachers are highly trained and dedicated towards caring for your young ones.
  • Your kids experience not just the basics of academics but also a slew of other activities like drawing, music and dance.

Under curriculum:

The subjects at this level of schooling include the following.

  • Literacy – English/Hindi
  • Numeracy – Maths
  • Knowledge time
  • Sensory time

Under co-curricular activities:

  • Toddler’s lab – AI
  • HPE
  • Music

For Year 2024-25

Give your child the best experiences be it academics, sports or arts!

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